The Four Realms of Life In "The Witch of Appalachia" Series:

1st Realm: Mankind and all Natural Life Forms.  This is the eternal seat of the Green Mother; protector, progenitor of all that is natural to this earth.

2nd Realm: This is a place of Renewal of Life for all who have crossed over in Death and have earned the right through the power of the Green Mother. Only the pure of spirit can be renewed to live in this eternal state of peace and being.

3rd Realm: Wild Realm, ruled over by the Mother's Chosen Guardian, the Geilt, to protect this Plane from Demons.

4th Realm: The Dark Pit of the Sleepless Dead; Demons and Conjurers of Dark Magic rage and writhe in its fathomless depths.  They can escape and enter the 1st Realm when called upon by a Wizard of extraordinary powers and evil. Cathleen O'Brien and other Sworn Protectors of the Council of Green Wizards, must battle and destroy these evil entities no matter the personal risks.

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