Francesca Quarto

Born into a large Italian family, Francesca enjoyed all the fun of many siblings and all the accompanying chaos! Her love of the written word has been a hallmark of her life since her early childhood perusing her parents extensive book collection. Francesca has undergrad degrees in English and Business and a smattering of Master's courses toward a degree in Liberal Studies, but found she was already too Liberal and quit that pursuit. She has many articles published  on the subject of literacy and the lack thereof, in America, also, some poetry from her days of young motherhood and postponed dreams.

"Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" is the first book in the series Urban Fantasy Series, "Witch of Appalachia". "Dangerous Dreaming", Book 2, "Blood of the Dragon" 3, Bringing Forth the Dead, 4 and soon to be released, "Blood Moon Rising" 5.

Book 6, is on the horizon.

Francesca has added Paranormal Romance and Thrillers to her writing endeavors.  Be on the lookout for something sexy and scary to pop-up one of these days... "Love's Prey" out NOW

Francesca Quarto lives with her husband in a small mid-western town north of Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Happiness is a good read and a good man in her estimation.  She has both!

Every Author needs support from their readers! Please post your book reviews of "Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" "Dangerous Dreaming"  "Blood of the Dragon" and "Bringinging Forth the Dead"

​"Blood Moon Rising" Book 5

PLUS "Love's Prey" NEW Paranormal Thriller 

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