Blogs are ubiquitous on the Net; they are an all-encompassing venue for every and any subject, from politics of every ilk, to religious fervor wrapped in an ammo bandoleer.  Finding an opinion to support your beliefs is as simple as typing in a search for like-minded ideologies.  

I am using this web site to state, that while I do write a blog:

your experience as a reader, will never subject you to any of the following: political rants, religious proselytizing, fetish explanations, stories of dysfunctional families, no cats, dogs, or pets of any species will be eulogized, held in up in prayer, or stare back at you while wearing boots and an overcoat, and touted as too cute for words, but obviously not a picture album with more photos than the Louvre. 

My blog is varied, with original fantasy fairy tales, paranormal romance and just plan story telling with a twist.

Look for my blog and follow my winding road to new ways of experiencing an Internet troubadour!