The Forrest Calls My Name

I walk into the forest, deep and shuttered from all light

Before the sound of birds can rise up.

‚ÄčA deadly silence follows my foot prints 

as I crush the dead foliage .beneath my muddied shoes.

 I pass into a  swamp of earth smells, a 

living miasma,  closing around me, encircling me

in a putrid embrace.

And as I struggle with each breath,  the total

void  is filled with a sound

 And the Forest calls my name...

The Hour of the Witch Is Near

The Celtic Wizard meets the denizens of the Dark Pit of the Sleepless Dead.  Cathleen O'Brien is armed with the Mother's Green Fire, spells and wards and her training as a Protector of the Council of Green Wizards.

Her list of Demons and Evil Entities has grown, but so has her power as the "Witch of Appalachia".