Hoping you have "Wolf Master of Iron Mountain", Volume 1 in my series,        "Witch of Appalachia" on your list of things to read!

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Being a young woman with a vast fortune has opened  many doors for Cathleen O'Brien; being a Celtic Wizard means that when she passes through those doors, she has Magic to wield against the Dark Ones.

Writing Urban Fantasy for Young Adults is as challenging as being one!  Younger readers search the net constantly for the humorous, the outlandish, the norm-breaking story, that will enliven imaginations  pummeled daily and dulled with excessive stimulation.

So why do I write for an audience that may sneer at the quaintness of "witches and demons"?

Well, "Harry Potter" comes to mind!  This wonderful character captured those roaming imaginations as well as that of many an adult reader, myself included.

While .J.K.Rowling set a high bar for any writer in this genre of Young Adult Literature, she also helped open the door to any adult reader  longing for an adventure that throws off the weight of "adulthood" and allows the Magic of imagination to free them, to make-believe, like a child.

        Look for  

"Dangerous Dreaming"

Volume 2 "Witch of Appalachia"

Series.  Out October 25, 2015

      Tell-Tale Publishing

 The darkness breaths with a life of its own.  Sucking in the stale air, you have just exhaled into its gaping, hungry mouth.The only way is forward, surrendering  to its crushing embrace.

The violent tattoo of a beating heart,  fills your ears and prickles your skin You can smell your own terror as it congeals like a blood pool, alerting all your senses to the nearness of the Sleepless Dead.